Journal of the Center for Families, Children & the Courts: Vol. 6

January 1, 2005

List of articles: "Confronting the issue of gun seizure in domestic violence cases" (E. Sack); "The court's role in supporting and protecting children exposed to domestic violence" (D. Hitchens & P. Van Horn); "Addressing the co-occurrence of domestic violence and substance abuse" (L. Lightman & F. Byrne); "From behind closed doors: Shedding light on elder abuse and domestic violence in late life" (M. Twomey, M.J. Quinn & E. Dakin); "Parenting arrangements after domestic violence" (P. Jaffe, C. Crooks & F. Wong); "What is a family?" (seminar, C. Ogletree moderator); "A brief primer on case law addressing parentage issues for nonbiological parents before 2005" (F. Free); "Parentage by intention for same-sex parents" (D. Richmond); "Legitimate parents: Construing California's Uniform Parentage Act to protect children born into nontraditional families" (J. Wald); "An open letter to the California judiciary: Administration of justice in domestic violence cases" (L. Kay); "Engaging men and boys in domestic violence prevention strategies" (R. Adrine & M. Runner)

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