Video Training: How to Assist Clients in Laying a Record for Appeal and Avoid the Unauthorized Practice of Law: A Training for DV Advocates and Non-Attorneys

May 24, 2017

Cathy Ongiri and Eliza Duggan from Family Violence Appellate Project train non-attorney advocates on how to help your clients who are representing themselves in family court. We will specifically be discussing matters involving domestic violence, including domestic violence restraining orders, custody and visitation, child support, or spousal support. You will learn how to assist your clients to “lay a record” for appeal, which helps to protect their ability to appeal their case if they receive an unfavorable outcome. This training is designed for non-attorneys, and we will spend a lot of time discussing the boundaries of permissible legal assistance by non-lawyers and what activities constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

Registration and Payment

All videos are free for survivors of domestic violence/intimate partner abuse and the people who support them; California nonprofit / legal aid employees; private attorneys currently representing a survivor of domestic violence pro bono in California; members of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence; and members of Legal Aid Association of California.

All others (including private attorneys), please pay before viewing. $35 per video. Click here to pay. In the comments section, please include the name(s) of the training(s) you are paying for. (Payment for training does not count as a tax-deductible donation.)


FVAP Staff Attorney Catherine Ongiri, Esq.; and FVAP Legal Fellow Eliza Duggan, Esq.

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